Interview with Jasmin Deniz Karatas Gamification Chapter Lead/ManagerAccenture Interactive Delivery

Jasmin Deniz Karatas, Gamification Chapter Lead / Manager Accenture Interactive Delivery, talked with us about Gamification, how this can be applied in “real life” and equal payment between men an women.

1. Jasmim, you are working in the Gamification Chapter Lead for Accenture Digital Interactive. What is gamification?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as: The practice of making activities of making more like games in order to make them more interesting or enjoyable. There is not a lot more, which makes us more human than play or games and we use game mechanics, rules of play, the game engines to transform behaviors, create experiences and develop new ways of interactions.

2. Where can gamification be applied? Are there special processes or jobs?

The problem about Gamification, it could be applied on everything, however it is depending on the phase in which the product or the process is. Gamification is not UX, in which people try to make things lean. Gamification will give unnecessary obstacles to solve. Just think of Ebay, before you can buy something, you need to literally be the highest bidder and WIN your treasure in a certain time frame. If you just would buy something, you just would go and get it, but it would be less fun.

Yes, there are special processes which are very linked to behavioral economics, ludology and psychology. With Accenture we are building up special jobs as we see it as important to bring such thinking into business.


3. Your professional journey started in agencies and start-ups until you came to Accenture. Going your own way isn´t always easy. What is your advice to women who are at the beginning of their journey?

  1. If you want to reach greater heights never stop learning – stay curious, stay naive, ask questions NO MATTER WHAT.
  2. Just go out and do it, don’t be shy.
  3. It is good to believe in yourself and it is important, more important is to have people with you on the journey. It is a give and take – what goes around, comes around J One day you will need them! To doubt yourself is normal, and they will be the one who will lift you up again. As long as you find another person, you are two and you already made a difference in the world – never underestimate this.


4. Are you feeling comfortable in relation to gender questions like equal payment or career advancement opportunities? What is good and what can be improved?

In Accenture we have equal pay and career advancement opportunities. In general, I think, there is no difference between a woman and a man. I think the discussions we are having about equality are important, however, now going in to the other extreme would from my perspective not the right way to go. I think we should embrace our differences, should combine them, learn from each other and be better than a homogenous group of people. We as woman should embrace who and how we are – and business should accept, that we as women are emotional leaders and this makes us exceptional!