Cristina Riesen confirmed as keynote speaker

Cristina Riesen, Founder of We Are Play Lab Foundation and former General Manager at Evernote in EMEA, confirmed her participation at Ada Lovelace Satellite Switzerland.

Cristina is a tireless advocate in favour of creativity, asserting that it is the most underrated resource in the world and we urgently have to stop killing it. In her opinion, education and new forms of learning are key to enable today’s generation to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. What are future skills needed and how are we going to acquire them? How can each of us become a Change Agent, contributing to solve the big challenges of our time? We are excited to hear more during her speech.

As children, we view the world through a creative, imaginative lens – our surroundings hold myriad possibilities. In this touching TEDx talk, Cristina recounts her life’s journey, from losing this aspect of her childhood self, to regaining it in adulthood. Check it out and see you on 6 September in Zurich.