Interview with Nadja Keidel, Expert data scientist, Zühlke Engineering AG

In this interview Nadja Keidel (Expert Data Scientist at Zühlke Engineering AG) gave us answers how she became a coder, that there is a major difference in ‘coding’ and ‘programming’ and why we don´t have be afraid for the future. Enjoy reading.

Nadja, you are a data scientist and an R & Python coder for the Zuehlke Group. How did you get into coding and what makes it exciting for you?
The first time I faced a coding task was during an introductory lecture as part of my mathematics degree. We had to write a program that would convert the classic ‘Hello, World!’ message into ‘Hello, Nadja!’. Everyone starts small (laughs). During my studies, the focus was on the languages R & MATLAB. Python was added into the mix later.Continue reading

Interview with Monique Morrow, President & Co-Founder The Humanized Internet, former CTO at Cisco

We talked with Monique Morrow (President & Co-Founder The Humanized Internet) about her project ‘The Humanized Internet’, digital identities and how we can take back control of our data. Enjoy reading.

Monique, what is the idea behind your project “The Humanized Internet”? What is your message?

Monique Morrow: I have three messages:

1. One very big message is around the liberty of identity. We should all have control over our identity and countries should recognize that identity. At this moment 10 million people are not recognized because they don’t have control over their identity. Imagine you live in a country where there is war, and you have to leave immediately. Or imagine all your stuff got lost in an earthquake or fire. Most people leave with nothing. I would think: I have my important documents in my Google drive, so I will be fine. But immigration officers do not recognize these documents in digital form. You have to have the original documents. Since I am also President and Co-Founder of the Humanized Internet, my first message is: we have to change the system; identity that corresponds to being member of nation state should be portable – because without identity you’re nothing.Continue reading

Ada Lovelace Festival joins Switzerland

Digital innovations are changing the world, how we live, work and communicate. In private life, social relationships, for companies and our jobs. What do these changes mean for our daily business and for the future? The Ada Lovelace Festival is the right place for questions like this and now comes to Switzerland.

After the great success of and response to Ada Berlin the festival now joins Zurich on 6. September 2019. With its highly competitive innovation sector Switzerland is a great location for bringing people in IT & tech together on one platform. Switzerland has been coming in first place in the ‘Global Innovation Index’ ranking of the ‘World Intellectual Property Organization’ (WIPO) for years followed by Sweden, Netherlands and United States, underlining its quality as a future-oriented country.Continue reading

Monique Morrow confirmed as first keynote speaker

We are extremely happy to announce that Monique Morrow confirmed her participation as a keynote speaker for the Ada Lovelace Switzerland. Monique is a former CTO at Cisco who has worked tirelessly to align technologies to society’s needs. Her talk «Cultivating the Art of Persistence» will motivate you take concrete action to develop your own art of persistence and to be generous along the way.

In addition to her speech you will get the unique opportunity to meet Monique during the campfire sessions where you can quiz her in an intimate atmosphere about stories and challenges of her life. Don’t miss this occasion.
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How a PhD candidate in cryptography found her mentor at Ada Lovelace Festival

Giulia Traverso says that finding a female role model in the IT world is invaluable. In this interview Giulia, who is a PhD candidate in cryptography, tells how she found a mentor. That this happened at Ada Lovelace Festival makes the story even better ;-)….

How Giulia Traverso found Sabine Scheunert as a mentor at Ada Lovelace Festival

Giulia, I got curious when I saw your Instagram post on how you found a mentor at Ada Lovelace Festival 2018. How did that happen?
Giulia Traverso: I went to Ada Lovelace Festival 2018 already hoping to find a mentor or a role model. Being female in the IT world means that there are not many women that can show you what are the possible paths you can take and that can share some insight on how they got there. One of the speakers at the Festival was Sabine Scheunert (see her talk and all the other keynotes of #ada18 here), Vice President Digital & IT Sales/Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Cars. She gave an inspiring talk where she encouraged us to take advantage of the bumble-bee effect to accept challenges and confidently get out of our comfort zone. At the end of her talk, she announced a mentorship program. Anyone could apply by sending a mail and answering these three questions: 1) why do you work in IT? 2) what would you like to excerpt from this mentoring program? 3) what is your biggest struggle at work currently?
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#ada18 Insights – Ideas to change the world

Over 400 IT professionals came together in Berlin in October 2018 for the Ada Lovelace Festival. #ada18 Insights gives you a detailed look into a selection of keynotes, panels and talks of this year’s event and by this the perfect overview of what Ada Lovelace Festival is all about.

Enjoy reading and hopefully see you at #ada19!

#ada18 is a wrap. Thank you sooooo much!

Hey everyone,

we took some days off and we are now back at it. First things first: wow! You made #ada18 such an amazing experience for us that was worth all the hard work and time we put into it making it happen. We loved how you interacted & participated and hope that you enjoyed being part of the Ada Lovelace Festival Community as much as we do.

First step after wrapping up final #ada18 things will be for us to get together and take a look into the future: we have a couple of ideas already for Ada Lovelace Festival 2019 but have to set a date first. We will let you know as soon as we know anything.Continue reading