Impressions from Ada Lovelace Festival Switzerland 2019

The first Ada Lovelace Festival Switzerland was made as a unique plattform to meet, share knowledge, expand your network, especially for women in technology. This video is giving some expressions of the festival, we want to thank everyone, the participants, the speakers, our partners and the team for being a part of it. We hope you all enjoyed it. 🙂

Interview with Lizan Kuster, Moderator, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Conferences like Ada are important to bring women together, to share their skill sets, to share their competencies and to share their network.”

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Interview with Jasmin Deniz Karatas Gamification Chapter Lead/ManagerAccenture Interactive Delivery

Jasmin Deniz Karatas, Gamification Chapter Lead / Manager Accenture Interactive Delivery, talked with us about Gamification, how this can be applied in “real life” and equal payment between men an women.

1. Jasmim, you are working in the Gamification Chapter Lead for Accenture Digital Interactive. What is gamification?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as: The practice of making activities of making more like games in order to make them more interesting or enjoyable. There is not a lot more, which makes us more human than play or games and we use game mechanics, rules of play, the game engines to transform behaviors, create experiences and develop new ways of interactions.

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Hack’n’Lead – Switzerland’s first women-friendly Hackathon

Hack'n'Lead - Switzerland's first women-friendly Hackathon

Hack’n’Lead – Switzerland’s first women-friendly Hackathon

On Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 November, the second edition of Hack’n’Lead – Switzerland’s first women-friendly is coming back to Zurich. Organized by the non-profit organization women++  (a network partner of Ada Lovelace) participants will again have the opportunity to get together, solve challenges over two consecutive days and pitch their prototypes to a jury of experts. Similar to last year, Hack’n’Lead will offer:

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